SATO, a leader in the AIDC industry, developed the first hand labeller in 1962 and thereafter became a pioneer in the price marking industry. 

SATO offers a variety of one, two and three line Hand-Held Labeling Systems.

Sato Judo 26 Food Labeling Gun  - 2 Liner Hand LabellerSato Judo 26x2 line food label..

Sato Judo 26 Pricing and Labelling GunSato Judo 26 - 2 line pricing and labelling gun.Consists of 2 ..

Sato Judo 26 Promotional Pricing and Labeling Gun - 2 Liner Hand LabellerSato Judo Promo is a 2..

SATO Ink RollerSATO Brand Ink Roller Comes in pack of 1 Ink RollerPerfect to Use in SATO KENDO ..

Sato Kendo 26 Pricing and Labelling GunSato Kendo 26  - 1 line pricing and labelling gun. ..

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