Jewellery Label – 95mm x 10mm

Jewellery labels are available in various formats, rat-tail and dumbbell. These labels can be used with a label printer. Jewellery labels can be used to display information about products, including product code, price and a barcode.


Make your handmade jewelry stand out with stylish jewelry label 95mm x 10mm.Each roll contains 2500 labels, providing roll,  you’ll with plenty for all your unique, and artisanal designs. The bold, and eye-catching dimensions of these labels give your pieces a polished, and upscale appearance. Their premium feel elevates handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more, turning them into boutique-worthy works of art.

For jewelry makers  these labels lend a special touch of professionalism. They let your imaginative jewelry take the spotlight while subtly conveying quality and care. Make your beautiful designs shine with the perfect accessory.

  • 2500 durable, high grade labels in each roll
  • Clean, classic look complements handmade jewelry
  • 95mm x 10mm

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Weight 0,00000000 kg

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