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30mm x 300m Crewnix  Black Hot Stamp Ribbon 30mm x 100m  is used for imprinting date, price, lot and bar codes directly onto flexible packaging.  Hot Stamp ribbon provides excellent print quality , while providing good heat and abrasion resistance on a wide range of flexible packaging materials. Prints at a wide range of energy and speed settings, making is an easy drop replacement.

Black Hot Stamp Ribbon 30mm x 100m Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Coder Printer Machine.

Widely used in a variety of manual and electric coding machines, pneumatic coding machines, labeling machines, packaging machines. Such as HP-241, 241B, 241S, TJ-08, DY-8, DY-6.

Used to print the production date, batch number and necessary text on the product packaging for pharmaceutical, food, health care products, dairy products and other industries.

Suitable for a variety of bags and boxes made of many materials, such as aluminum foil(AL), polypropylene film(PP), polyester film(PET), polyethylene film(PE), polyvinyl chloride film(PVC), polystyrene film(PS), etc.

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