Direct Thermal 70mm x 20mm

The 70mm x 20mm Direct Thermal Labels, Roll of 2000, are designed to provide high-quality printing results for a variety of applications. They offer a compact size that is perfect for labeling small items or organizing inventory.

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The Direct Thermal Labels, measuring 70mm x 20mm, are specifically crafted to deliver exceptional printing outcomes across a wide range of uses. With their compact dimensions, these labels are an ideal choice for efficiently labeling small items or effectively organizing inventory.

The direct thermal technology eliminates the need for ink or toner, making these labels cost-effective and easy to use. With a strong adhesive backing, they securely adhere to surfaces, ensuring that your labels stay in place. Whether you need to label products, shipping packages, or organize files, these direct thermal labels are a reliable choice that delivers clear and professional results every time.

  • 2000 blank labels per roll for efficient labeling
  • Made with direct thermal materials that print easily from thermal printers
  • 40mm core fits standard printers and dispensers
  • Adhesive backing sticks quickly and cleanly

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