Automatic Label Dispenser

Introducing the Manual Label Dispenser – 60mm, a versatile and efficient tool designed to streamline your labeling process. This compact and sturdy dispenser is perfect for businesses of all sizes, providing a convenient solution for labeling various items such as packages, envelopes, and products.

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Introducing the Automatic Label Dispenser

The Automatic Label Dispenser is a versatile and efficient device created to improve your labeling tasks. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, this compact yet sturdy dispenser offers a simple way to label various items.

Key Features

  • Handles a wide range of label sizes
  • Automatic operation for precise and consistent label application
  • Compact design for easy placement in any workspace

Product Specifications

  • Name: Label Dispensers (Standard)
  • Stripping Speed: 6 inches per second
  • Label Diameter: Up to 200mm
  • Label Width: 10mm to 106mm
  • Label Height: 3mm to 100mm
  • Application: Suitable for non-transparent

Additional information

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