Label Rewinding Machine 90MM / 120MM

Introducing our label rewinder 230mm BSC Q6, designed specifically for 230mm width labels. This versatile machine serves as both a rewinder and unwinder, making it a valuable addition to any labeling process.

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Presenting the 230mm BSC Q6 label rewinder, made especially for labels with a 230mm width. This adaptable device is a useful addition to any labeling process because it can be used as an unwinder as well as a rewinder. It can efficiently and effectively handle enormous numbers of labels due to its great size. With our label rewinder, you can streamline your labeling processes and guarantee accurate and seamless label handling every time.

  • The BSC-Q6 model
  • Electric Label Rewinding Machine is the product name.
  • Speed of rewinding: 1–10 inches per second
  • Widest possible label: 90 mm or 120 mm
  • Roll diameter for labels: 230 mm
  • Paper roll core sizes: 1.5″ (40 mm), 3″ (76 mm), and 1″ (25 mm).
  • Rewind options include speed regulation, auto-sync, and two-way rewinding.
  • Stepless speed regulating via the speed controller

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