Label Rewinder 230mm bsc-A9

Introducing our label rewinder 230mm, designed specifically for 230mm width labels. This versatile machine serves as both a rewinder and unwinder, making it a valuable addition to any labeling process.

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Introducing the label rewinder 230mm BSC A9, which is specifically built for 230mm wide labels. This flexible machine functions as both a rewinder and an unwinder, making it an invaluable addition to any labeling operation. Its huge size allows it to handle vast volumes of labels efficiently and effectively. Streamline your labeling activities with our label rewinder, which ensures smooth and precise label handling every time.


  • Speed synchronization and tension control are automatic and require no changes.
  • Features include a large roll capacity, an aluminum take-up spool, and a grip handle for winding both inside and outside.
  • The mounting holes are pre-drilled, and the outside guide disk is standard.
  • Can work with any label printer; when you start printing, it will automatically rewind the label; after you finish printing, the rewinder will stop automatically.
  • Roll Core Diameter: 25.4mm(1″)/38.1mm(1.5″)/76.2mm(3″)
  • Suitable Label Width: 25mm – 210mm
  • Min. Roll Diameter: 70mm
  • Max. Roll Diameter: 360mm

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