Portable 2D Wireless Scanner – PF2-BG

PF2-BG adopts professional 2D scan engine in combination with 2.4GHz and Bluetooth wireless data communication technology, supporting stable and reliable long distance of data communication.


The PT2-BG Portable 2D Wireless Barcode Scanner offers convenience and high performance for individuals such as store clerks, warehouse workers, and delivery drivers who need to scan barcodes quickly. With its wireless feature, it eliminates the hassle of wires, allowing you to boost your efficiency and productivity.

Store clerks, warehouse workers, delivery drivers – anyone who needs to quickly scan barcodes will love the convenience and high performance of the PT2-BG Portable 2D Wireless Barcode Scanner. Boost your efficiency and productivity without the hassle of wires.

  • Captures 1D and 2D barcodes with accuracy and speed
  • Wirelessly connects to your devices via bluetooth
  • Rechargeable battery provides all-day scanning
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design for comfortable handling

Powerful Endurance Ability
1200mAh rechargeable polymer lithium battery, make device could continuously work(1 scanning/s) for more than 10 hours with the fully charged.

Two Wireless Modes Switching
2.4GHz wireless technology and Bluetooth connection , take BT connection if the connected device without USB interface, such as smart phone, ipad, PDA, POS and other devices.

Convenient and Comfortable Operation
Easy compatible with multiple language, keyboard layout and operating system. Portable and ergonomics design, users could put it in pocket, improving work efficiency and also convenient for long hours of usage.

Ultra-long Distance Transmission
2.4GHz (150 meters) and Bluetooth (30 meters) long distance data transmission, supports automatic frequency modulation and inventory mode.

Industrial Grade Durability
IP54 industrial grade, and bear the height of 1.8m dropping and ground impact.