PVC ID Cards – HiCo Magnetic Stripe

PVC ID Cards – HiCo Magnetic Stripe cards – also known as mag stripe cards or swipe cards – are a popular choice for cards that store data, such as ATM and bank cards; gift, membership, and phone cards; access control cards; hotel key cards; and library and transit cards.

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Stand out with the PVC ID card featuring LoCo Mag Stripe – a cutting-edge card that captures attention and leaves a lasting impression. Equipped with a built-in magnetic stripe, this card elevates traditional identification by facilitating effortless swiping and immediate data retrieval. The magnetic stripe technology enables your card to securely store encoded information that can be easily read by standard card readers, making it ideal for applications such as access control, memberships, events, and beyond.

The pvc id card with LoCo Mag Stripe is ideal for businesses, organizations and institutions seeking a multi-functional card that combines visual ID and card reader compatibility. Get the versatile card that delivers it all – visibility, style and functionality.

  • Sleek, professional-looking pvc card stands out from the crowd
  • Built-in LoCo Mag Stripe securely stores data and enables card reading
  • Customizable with your photo, text, logo for a unique, personalized look


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